Play Safe with Jesus!  is your full service playground company.

For Commercial and  Residential applications


Our services include

  • Installation. We install any playground equipment purchased from any source.
  • Relocation. We will relocate your playground across the yard or across the country.
  • Maintenance Regular maintenance will ensure a long life for your playground equipment.
  • Repair. We can repair any playground equipment. If the original parts are not available we can make them.
  • Playground Safety Inspection / Audits (C.P.S.I.)


We install any playground equipment purchased from any source. When we install your playground equipment we adhere to the manufacturers instructions and recommendations.


We will relocate your playground equipment within your backyard or across the country. When we relocate your playground equipment we will dismantle it into manageable pieces and re-assemble it at the new location.

In the process of disassembling your playground equipment we will identify any areas of concern, and correct any problems when we re-assemble the equipment.

We have an ongoing relationship with many manufacturers of playground equipment and can usually acquire any replacement parts needed. If replacement parts are not available, we can also
manufacture parts as needed.


Maintaining your playground equipment will ensure your children will have a safe place to play for years. Wood playground equipment should be treated annually with a wood preservative. The hardware and wood parts should be inspected frequently to make sure the play set is safe.


We can repair your playground equipment. We have developed a relationship with many playground equipment manufacturers so we can usually acquire replacement parts quickly. When original replacement parts are not available we can manufacture the parts needed.

Playground Safety Inspection / Audit

Playground Safety is our number 1 priority.

We have a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (C.P.S.I.) always on staff. We are familiar with TX Department of State Health Services Standards applied to playground equipment and the TX. Dpt. Of Family and Protective Services Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers applied to playground equipment.